Rigel is committed to incorporate into their management and development of its business
principles of Quality and Environmental Protection. That is why following a process of evolution, Rigel has defined and implemented the following principles:


  • Fully assume that the future of our business depends on achieving excellence in
    quality and customer service that continuously meet the demands of our customers
    and our internal specifications.

  • Within the concept of Quality, Environmental protection is integrated as horizontal
    requirement of all our activities.

  • Use all channels of participation Rigel staff to ensure the responsible involvement of all people
    living in our organization, should be all involved in the Integrated Quality and Environment,
    so that the most important concern is continuous improvement.

  • Identifying and assessing the environmental aspects that we generate in our activities,
    products and services.

  • Meet customer requirements, with statutory and regulatory requirements and other requirements
    that the company subscribe.

  • Identify the environmental aspects of the business activities and establish the resources and operational controls necessary to prevent and reduce its negative impacts, establishing guidelines for action to minimize the most significant, as the production of waste.

  • Set goals and targets for continuous improvement of environmental protection and quality of services, developing an Improvement Programme for the development, monitoring and review.

  • Train staff to always apply the principles contained in the Quality Policy and Environment and
    have them participate by providing environmental.

  • Inform employees, stakeholders and the relevant suppliers of environmental protection activities developed by Rigel.

  • Implement and maintain an Integrated Management System that meets the requirements of the Environmental Management Standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004, and adapt to our specific activity, the customer needs and time.

  • Least comply with all legal requirements on environmental matters and environmental requirements of the organizations with which contributes RIGEL.

These commitments are now added to implement and maintain compliance with Chain of Custody FSC and PEFC organizations according to their standards and rules of use of the mark in force for promoting the consumption of paper from managed forests an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and technically feasible according to the FSC Principles and Criteria, and ensuring the sustainable use of wood and wood products such as paper, under the PEFC scheme. This commitment will be distributed among employees, suppliers and customers Charts Rigel, and will be distributed to any other interested parties upon request.


Who were also informed about the products required by FSC and PEFC certificates that
can offer Gráficas Rigel.



Carmen Álvarez
January 2010